Welcome to Fire Command Training, the best source for fire service training anywhere. If you are interested in attending, organizing or sponsoring any type of fire training including lectures, workshops or hands-on-training, you have found the right place and the best people. New ideas are what we're all about. We've combined these new ideas and practices with some of the traditional delivery methods to provide the attendees with an effective learning experience. We guarantee this will be the best training you've ever attended!

    "Training Achievement Award"
FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka, the founder and President of Fire Command Training was awarded the FIRE ENGINEERING Training Achievement Award on March 2, 2001 at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis. The award recognized the groundbreaking firefighter survival program "Training Your Firefighters to GET OUT ALIVE", which chief Salka developed and presented at many of the major fire service conferences and expositions. This is the type of training you can expect from Fire Command Training at your conference or seminar. We are constantly updating our current programs and developing new programs for your department or organizations next seminar or conference.

Battalion Chief John J. Salka, Jr.
   Battalion Chief John J. Salka, Jr.
Now that you have found the site of the most professional fire service training, you need to think about what type program you want for your department or organization. Fire Command offers the following program venues for your consideration; CLASSROOM TYPE PRESENTATION- This presentation type is designed for auditorium or classroom venues. The indoor atmosphere lends itself to our high quality power point programs, videos and other desktop activities. HANDS-ON TRAINING- Is just what is says, hands-on training evolutions involving many challenging fire service tactical operations. We utilize fire department training facilities, acquired structures and custom built props for programs such as firefighter survival. rapid intervention and power saw operation. FUNDRAISING EVENTS- This type of program can include both classroom and hands-on and is designed for the host agency or department to raise funds while providing quality training for their firefighters.


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